Sea World San Diego: Single Day Pass

Sea World San Diego: Single Day Pass

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Sea World San Diego: Single Day Pass

500 Sea World Dr., 92109
San Diego, California

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*Head straight to the turnstiles where staff will scan your pass for admission.  Once in the park, all guests are welcome to stay until closing.

Brief summary:
Part theme park, part aquarium, head to SeaWorld® San Diego for and exiting day filled with up-close, hands-on animal encounters, educational and entertaining shows, theme park thrills and rides, and more.

You’ll have lots of opportunities to interact with some of the marine life. Pet guitar sharks and sting rays, let little cleaner fish nibble at your hand, toss a ball for a dolphin to chase, and lots more. Then, learn about all of the animals and their natural environments through entertaining and educational themed exhibits throughout the park.

Love theme park rides? Get your thrills on sea-inspired rides, like the super-fast double-launch Manta roller coaster, the deep-plunging Journey to Atlantis splash-making ride, relaxing Bayside Ride, and more.

In addition to the park’s thrill rides, shows, and animal exhibits, you’ll get a chance to see and learn about how SeaWorld is a world leader in animal care, conservation, rescue missions, and research – and things you can do to help their mission.

Please note: if you purchased a 1 or 2 Day Go San Diego Card, SeaWorld is not included.

Your SeaWorld San Diego Multi-Day ticket includes:

  • Multi-Day Admission: visit once per day, as many days as your 3, 5, or 7-Day Go San Diego Card All-Inclusive Pass is valid.
  • VIP Line Privileges! Head straight to the turnstile with your Go San Diego Card.

Animals you’ll see:

SeaWorld is home to thousands of animals, including sharks, orca whales, dolphins, giant octopi, penguins, sting rays, polar bears, and sea otters – just to name a few.

You’ll have a chance to interact with marine life in a variety of ways, from entertaining shows to interactive exhibits and displays to immersive thrill rides, and more. It’s easy to spend an entire day (or more!) exploring all there is to do and sea at SeaWorld San Diego.

Insider tips:

  • Plan your day at SeaWorld around any shows or animal presentations you want to see – check the park map you receive upon entry for the daily schedule of events.
  • Wear quick-dry or water-resistant clothes if you want to go on water rides or sit in the splash zone of any shows.

Fun fact: SeaWorld is the only zoological organization in the Western Hemisphere with an emperor penguin breeding colony!

Attraction Highlights at SeaWorld San Diego:

Rides: from family-friendly to adrenaline-pumping, SeaWorld has a variety of rides for every type of visitor.

  • Journey to Atlantis®: visit the lost civilization of Atlantis and make a splash as you plunge 60 feet for underwater views of cownose rays, spittle eagle rays, southern stingrays, California leopard sharks, and more.
  • Submarine Quest: board a mini submarine and go on a mission to collect data and learn about how you can help marine animals and the ocean ecosystem today.
  • Manta®: an immersive, multi-media double-launch roller coaster that mimics the dives and twists of manta rays’ swimming patterns.
  • Shipwreck Rapids: float along foaming waters and rapids on this winding river water ride through a waterfall and into an underground grotto.
  • Bayside Skyride: take a break and go on an elevated cable ride above the park and over scenic Mission Bay on a relaxing, gondola-style ride.
  • Wild Arctic: board a thrilling jet-helicopter in this 3D flight simulator experience that takes you soaring over perilous, icy landscapes of the Arctic Circle.
  • And more

Animal shows: check the park’s daily schedule of events to plan your visit around any shows or presentations you might want to see.

  • Orca Encounter: a documentary-style presentation based on orca whale behavior in the wild. You’ll learn about how they move, hunt, navigate, eat, communicate, and more.
  • Electric Ocean (evening only): stay for a nighttime spectacular show to see the park transform into an underwater world glowing with bioluminescent-like light and enhanced with music and live entertainment by talented performers.
  • Dolphin Days: playful and highly skilled bottlenose dolphins and short-finned pilot whales are the highlight of this acrobatic show.
  • Sea Lions Tonite: resident sea lions Clyde and Seamore interact with trainers in a creative comedy show.
  • And more

Exhibits: explore a variety of marine life exhibits – from touch pools and aquariums to interactive displays and animal habitats.

  • Shark Encounter: a fully-immersive, glass underwater viewing tunnel surrounded by hundreds of sharks and various fish.
  • Ocean Explorer: this area of the park features multiple aquariums designed to provide unique views of all the animals like giant octopi, spider crabs, jelly fish, and more.
  • Turtle Reef™: get underwater views of turtles swimming in their massive tanks, learn about their journeys from ocean to beach, track a rescued turtle returned to the wild in real time, and more.
  • Wild Arctic: meet the animals more partial to the frozen landscapes and icy-cold waters of the arctic, including the elusive beluga whale, harbor seals, walruses, and more.
  • Penguin Encounter®: watch multiple species of playful penguins interact, dive, swim, and waddle in their snow-filled habitat.
  • Explorer’s Reef™: head to the touch pools in Explorer’s Reef to interact with sharks, rays, horseshoe crabs, and cleaner fish.
  • Dolphin Point: this open-water exhibit lets you get up close to dolphins and watch them zoom around the water chasing enrichment toys and props they like to play with in the pool.
  • And more.

The Go San Diego Card is the best choice for maximum savings and flexibility, with SeaWorld San Diego: Multi-Day Pass tickets available on 3, 5, and 7-Day Passes

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